Karta DS6121

DS6121 Multi-I/O Board

SCALEXIO I/O board for electric drive and power electronics control applications

With its application-specific I/O library and tailored channel set, the DS6121 Multi-I/O Board is ideally suited for dynamic electric drive and power electronics control applications.

Obszary zastosowań

The DS6121 supports a wide range of electric drives from small auxiliary motors to high-performance traction motors in various application areas, such as in-vehicle electrification and electric powertrains as well as industrial automation, e.g., highly dynamic test benches.

Kluczowe korzyści

I/O Functionality

The channel set of the DS6121 Multi-I/O Board supports the following I/O functions. The channels are defined and configured graphically with dSPACE ConfigurationDesk.

Position Sensors

  • 3x Sine Encoder In
  • 3x Digital Incremental Encoder In
  • 3x EnDat Master
  • 3x SSI Master
  • 2x Hall Encoder In
  • 1x Resolver In


Analog In

  • 6x Voltage In
  • 6x Voltage Signal Capture


Digital In

  • 4x PWM/PFM In
  • 4x Multi Bit In
  • 4x Trigger In


Digital Out

  • 16x Multi Bit Out
  • 16x PWM/PFM Out
  • 16x Multi-Channel PWM Out
  • 2x Block Commutated PWM Out
  • 4x Digital Pulse Out