Karta DS6221

DS6221 A/D Board

Fast SCALEXIO A/D Board for precise measurements

The DS6221 A/D Board provides 16 high-speed analog channels, versatile trigger capabilities, and a high-throughput streaming interface. It is an excellent choice for precise measurements, even of fast analog signal sequences.

Obszary zastosowań

With its accurate high-speed analog channels and versatile trigger capabilities, the DS6221 is an excellent fit for precise measurements, even of fast analog signals sequences, in various applications areas. It can be used for scenarios such as the development and testing of electric drives applications or vibration and noise cancellation applications as well as for high volume data acquisition in test bench scenarios.

Kluczowe korzyści

I/O Functionality

The 16 analog input channels of the DS6221 are software-configurable and can be used as

  • Voltage In
  • Voltage Signal Capture

The channels are defined and configured graphically with dSPACE ConfigurationDesk.