Karta DS6651

DS6651 Multi-I/O Module

SCALEXIO FPGA I/O expansion for developing and testing highly dynamic control applications

The DS6651 provides high-performance I/O channels as a modular expansion of SCALEXIO FPGA base boards. Its channel set is ideally suited for highly dynamic control applications as well as for the high-fidelity simulation of electric drives and power electronics components.

Obszary zastosowań

The DS6651 offers high-performance I/O interfaces for FPGA-based applications that require fast and high-resolution signal processing, such as:

  • Electric drive applications
  • Power electronics applications
  • Hybrid vehicle applications
  • Energy technology applications
  • Protocol development

In addition to custom programmable FPGA solutions, dSPACE offers an easy-to-use tool chain for model-based FPGA development in Simulink.

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