Karty SCALEXIO Ethernet

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SCALEXIO Ethernet Boards

Additional Ethernet ports for SCALEXIO Processing Unit, SCALEXIO LabBox, and SCALEXIO AutoBox

The SCALEXIO Ethernet boards provide additional Ethernet interfaces to the SCALEXIO Processing Unit, the SCALEXIO LabBox or the SCALEXIO AutoBox. Boards that offer native BroadR-Reach support and an integrated Ethernet switch are available for both platforms, and they can be configured via modules.

Native BroadR-Reach Support

The DS6333-PE/-CS Automotive Ethernet Board and the DS6335-CS Ethernet Board provide five additional Ethernet ports for a SCALEXIO system. Four of these ports can be configured for BroadR-Reach support or standard Ethernet communication, depending on the modules used. The fifth port always provides a standard Ethernet connection and is ideal for monitoring or for cascading two switches. The boards support applications such as ECU interfacing and simulator coupling, and enable you to configure a system as a simulation node in an Ethernet SOME/IP (scalable service-oriented middleware over IP) network. The cost-effective DS6335-CS is dedicated for use cases like simulator coupling and ECU interfacing and does not include SOME/IP support.

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Standard Ethernet Support

The DS6331-PE Ethernet Board and the DS6334-PE Ethernet Board provide four additional Ethernet ports for the SCALEXIO Processing Unit. They support applications which do not require BroadR-Reach connections or an Ethernet switch. The DS6334-PE is the cost-effective board for projects like bypassing and simulator coupling without the need for SOME/IP communication. If service-oriented communication (SOME/IP) has to be configured with the dSPACE Ethernet Configuration Package, the DS6331-PE is the right choice.

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BroadR-Reach, 100Base-T1, and 1000Base-T1

100Base-T1 is a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet interface, developed for automotive use cases. It operates with one unshielded or shielded twisted pair of wires. 100Base-T1 is based on BroadR-Reach and has been standardized by the IEEE working group 802.3bw. 100Base-T1 is compatible with BroadR-Reach and used in automotive Ethernet applications, as is the 1Gbit/s interface 1000Base-T1.